[clug-talk] nasty problem

Carl ct at turner.ca
Thu May 18 09:53:48 PDT 2006

On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 07:48 -0600, Robert Lewko wrote:
>  3 seconds right there.  Using UDP you can actually get 2 2k packets
> through with their ack returned in 6 seconds.  BTW I have restricted
> myself to a 2k packet size in my program.
Maybe sometimes the connection is so bad that it is hard to get even a
2k packet through. What is the minimum packet size that you can use with

> This whole discussion is based on that when I get a broken connection
> when the client sends some data that there is no way to tell the
> socket that it can try again.  If someone knows how to do that and can
> point me to docs then I will be glad of the info.  In my reading of
> Stevens I didn't see how to recover from a broken connection.
I have used a protocol, http://dnp.org that uses application layer keep
alives to determine if the TCP connection is bad. For example if the
timeout is set to 20 seconds: if the ack to the keep alive is not
received within 20s then it will close the TCP socket and attempt to
reopen another one.

> The UDP server can be MUCH simpler by handling each packet as a self
> contained entity.  It gets a packet from the client, processes that 

It sounds like UDP is a good approach in your case. TCP would be too
much overhead.

I'm curious as to what the troubleshooting tools that Gustin has
suggested will produce.


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