[clug-talk] FREE pc-to-landline calling

Jim Hribnak hribnak at nucleus.com
Thu May 18 09:16:14 PDT 2006

I have an Asterisk box seti at home (have not fully played with en enough as
I started just at the tail end of Winter)  I have the FXO card that I got on
Ebay for like $15 (seems they are double that now) but the FXo allows you to
plug in your PSTN line into the Asterisk box and then use complete IP phones
(wired/wireless) in your house.  This is the road I am going.  When you
travel, take a SIP phone with you configure it once you get to your location
(or leave it DHCP enabled) and you can make/receive local Calgary calls as
your phone will connect to your Asterisk server at home even if your are in
far away city.


FreeWorldDialup  (www.freeworlddialup.com ) also has  a free service where
you can make local calls just about anywhere (peering) (at least last time I








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Thanks Simon. All that enum stuff sounds very interesting. I remember
watching a podcast on Asterisk awhile back (www.revision3.com, its in
Systm). It was very informative, although I don't remember much from it. 

I agree with you on the bit about them not being open. This has made me
think twice about using them because yes, other VOIP ers cant get to me.
That being said - how do you do VoIP calls to people or what do you think
the best way is? I just googled SIP and it looks like cantonese to me :-/ 

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