[clug-talk] my ipcop box

Darcy Brodie darcy at canasc.ca
Tue May 16 18:26:49 PDT 2006

Mitchell Brown wrote:
>     Are you having problems with just your wireless connection or is
>     it on the
>     wired connection as well? 
> Both.
>     When you had the crossover cable connected, did you have access to
>     the
>     internet?
> No.

Would I be correct in assuming that the computer with the wireless 
connection is running on Windows?? if so, at the command prompt, type 
"ipconfig /all "  There should be a line in the printout stating "DNS 
Servers".  For example, for Shaw internet, they should be 
and  you may need to set these DNS Server ip addresses in 
your ipcop dhcp server

Another quick test would be to attempt to browse a web site by ip 
address (such as should bring up www.google.ca)


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