[clug-talk] my ipcop box

Neil Bower nbower at clug.ca
Tue May 16 11:18:56 PDT 2006

On Tuesday 16 May 2006 10:08, Mitchell Brown wrote:
> > Are you having problems with just your wireless connection or is it on
> > the wired connection as well?
> Both.
> When you had the crossover cable connected, did you have access to the
> > internet?
> No.

I'm guessing the problems lies within your ipcop box.

Log in to the box through ssh as root and see if you can ping from it to sites 
on the internet and see if you can ping any of your internal boxes as well.

If you can ping out to the internet, then check your settings on the dhcp 
setup for your internal clients.

If you can not ping out from the ipcop box, check the settings on the red 



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