[clug-talk] Wireless Router As A Wireless Access Point

Kin Wong kwong at csa-pdk.com
Tue May 16 00:02:05 PDT 2006

Gustin Johnson wrote:

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>Mitchell Brown wrote:
>>Wow. Nice read although a tad over my head in parts. I need a night or
>>so to wrap my head around it hehe.
>>Okay. How did you do it? I can turn off the DHCP, yes. But how in the
>>world do you tell it you want *everything* DMZ? So there's no
>>forwarding/rules/firewall at all?
>Don't plug anything into the WAN port, then the firewall is irrelevant,
>this is also what I did with the Linksys.
Gustin is quite right, basically you want to use your router as a switch 
plus an access point and ignore all the other functions.  I did make it 
a bit more complicated as I tested functionality at each step through.  
An experience person likely would not go through as many steps, but this 
was meant to be more of nube to nube.

If you think of it as connecting the router as another segment of a 
network below your current firewall, then configure the addresses so 
that if both networks were put together as one, there would be no 
conflicts.  This means the address of the router can not conflict with 
the address of the firewall (IPCop).  There can not be two DHCP servers.

The purpose of doing this is to configure and test the router, but once 
the IP addresses have been changed on the router, the network wiring 
needs to be changed.  You need to do this because the wireless router no 
longer has DHCP server enabled, you need to get your IP from somewhere else.

The last step is enabling security.


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