[clug-talk] OT: CLUG Business focus group?

Dave Watkins - CLUG President at CLUG.ca
Mon May 15 22:51:46 PDT 2006

Can we say fruits on this list?


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>The tech side would be covered anyways, but it shouldn't be the focus of
>group (IMO).  These sort of things could drive topics of interest back to 
>CLUG where tech/FOSS presentations are better suited...  
>But there's two ways to look at this - how to set up the system
>oriented), and how to USE the system (business oriented).  For example my 
>SQL-Ledger presentation (http://grover.open2space.com/node/4) covers how to

>get started (i.e install it, and initial configuration), but comes nowhere 
>close to telling you how to manage your books.  How to do that would be a 
>great topic for the business group.  (don't mean to pound this sample into 
>the ground so hard, but it's such a clear cut instance of the presentation 
>So, I see room for both types of presentations - just in supporting
Not a problem, it is just a matter of apples and oranges, the only 
problems is that I only see fruits.  I am sure you guys will let me know 
when I go off track.

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