[clug-talk] OT: CLUG Business focus group?

Tek Budda TekBudda at shaw.ca
Mon May 15 20:33:52 PDT 2006

Darren L wrote:
> Sounds like everyone has a lot of good ideas, and it sounds like a 
> meeting is in order. 
> how does Wednesday, 7pm sound to everyone?  Shawn suggested Chinook Mall 
> in the food court in front of Arby's, and that sounds good to me. 

Wednesday Chinook Food Court works best for me, please lots of tables to 
site at and I even know where one of the power outlets are.  Plus, 
Second Cup (yum) is right there as is Timothy's.  Maybe instead of in 
front of Arby's we could meet over by the windows...over by Dairy Queen.

Most important....it is SOOOOOO darn hard finding parking in Kensington!!!!

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