[clug-talk] my ipcop box

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Mon May 15 20:36:34 PDT 2006

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All of my Linksys routers are currently in service, though I do have a
PCI Wireless NIC lying around, though sadly there are no drivers built
into the stock ipcop kernel (this is going to be a summer project of mine).

I used my Linksys router as a switch and AP.  I turned off the DHCP
server built into the linksys box, as well as set it to "router mode"
instead of gateway.  It works fine this way.

I am turning into a fan of GigE, since the switches are so cheap these days.


Mitchell Brown wrote:
> Thanks for the info :) The problem was I was plugging directly into the
> box with a straight cable. Just wouldn't work! Hehe.
> Well, I tried it out - and loved it. But, I unfortunetly, had to go back
> to my stupid Dlink DI-524... why?
> 1) Wireless
> 2) I don't have a switch
> If anyone has any spare wireless APs or switches (cough Gustin cough)
> then I'd sure be obliged to have one ;)
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