[clug-talk] ifconfig

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Mon May 15 11:11:57 PDT 2006

Can you do that with ifconfig? I thought that was the realm of the 
dhcp client: dhcpd, dhclient, or pump.


On Mon May 15 12:11:20 PDT 2006, Kin Wong <kwong at csa-pdk.com> 

> Finally got around to replacing the wireless router that blew up 
> and configured it as an access point.  I am just putting the 
> documentation together for the group and am stuck in trying to 
> use Linux commands.
> I know the command ifconfig is roughly equivalent to ipconfig in 
> windoze, however both google and man are not providing adequate 
> clarity (and I forgot my trusty book at home).
> What I need is the equivalent to ipconfig /release and ipconfig 
> /renew?  I suspect there is a more elegant way to do this that I 
> am totally missing.
> Thanks in advance
> Kin
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