[clug-talk] Census now available to Linux users

Dave Watkins - CLUG President at CLUG.ca
Mon May 15 09:26:11 PDT 2006

Actually I was quite surprised when I called the Census technical support
toll free the other day. 

After explaining that I was calling from my lofty perch, high on the CLUG
throne, I spent about 20 minutes explaining to the lady on the other end the
various issues as we all understand them to be. I requested that she have
someone call me as her simply noting my complaints wasn't really enough in
my opinion. 

Later that day I got a call from the actual guys that run the online system
and do all the data compilation. They spent about 45 minutes with me
discussing the various encryption/java script related issues. The call ended
with the chap promising to get back to me once the matter had been brought
to his supervisors. 

Friday I got a call from someone at the Chief Statistician's office (??)
explaining that they had had a "significant number of complaints" and that
they were making changes to the site to permit Linux users easier access.

All in all I was pleasantly surprised at the earnest follow-up to my
complaint and the apparent results it, like the many others they had
received, had on the process.


Dave Watkins
Calgary Linux Users Group

W: www.clug.ca
E: president at clug.ca
V: 403.701.5746 


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