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waltersm@telusplanet.net waltersm at telusplanet.net
Sun May 14 23:34:53 PDT 2006

I was going to do one of the suggestions - namely aptitude-update as super user
and when I did a tab completion on apti and then on aptitu and then aptitude I
got no tab completion, so it seemed to me that I should try another suggestion
and do as super user, namely apt-get update and apt-get  dist-upgrade as I tried
apt-get update and apt-get upgrade and that did not work.

But I forgot to do the apt-get update before I did the apt-get dist-upgrade. So
I wasted two hours doing an apt-get dist-upgrade only to find that I should have
done the apt-get update first.

So some time tomorrow I plan on doing an apt-get update first and then do the
apt-get dist-upgrade. I do not want to do it tonight as I am almost brain dead
now and it would make me overly tired for tomorrow even if I made no mistakes
and it worked.

So some time tomorrow I plan on doing an apt-get update followed by an apt-get
dist-upgrade .

When I put my Knoppix 3.7 disk in I got a read error on the CD drive. So I put
it in again and the same think happened. I finally took the Koppix 3.7 disk out
and looked at it and found a big scratch on it.

So to send this email message I decided to boot into a live Mepis CD and go to
web mail to send this message.

The live Mepis CD seems to boot somewhat slower than the live Knoppix 3.7.

When I get my kanotix system working again I plan to burn a Knoppix 4.0 CD for
myself because someone at Memory Express said that they have a Knoppix 4.0 CD
which is robust for equipment detecion.

I plan on burning two copies of Knoppix 4.0. That way, if one gets damaged, I
can use the other one.

I will only do an apt-get update followed by an apt-get dist-upgrade if I have
two more hours to spare to execute those commands.

At least after the apt-get dist-upgrade which I did tonight, nothing further is
broken, and the vim editor is working fine, and Mepis works fine for doing my
email in web mail, even if it is a little slow.

If anyone has dire warning about doing an apt-get update followed by an apt-get
dist-upgrade I appreciate that warning if it is warranted.

Thanks in advance,

Michael Walters

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