[clug-talk] Shaw DNS Not Updating

Brad Camroux bgcamroux at shaw.ca
Sun May 14 22:38:08 PDT 2006

This was an interesting thread, and I'm sorry I'm so late into this.  But I do have two

On Mon, Apr 03, 2006 at 02:22:21PM -0600, Gustin Johnson wrote:

> If you want this to persist, you can edit the /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf
> file with these options:
> supersede domain-name "cg.shawcable.net mydomain.tld anotherdomain.tld";
> prepend domain-name-servers;
> There are a lot of interesting options in here, but this should get you
> started.

What does "supersede domain-name" do?  (I'm sorry... I have had a lot of trouble finding
answers to DHCP questions through the online "help" in the past.)

> Finding recursive DNS servers outside of your ISP is going to get more
> difficult in the coming months.  Most sane and or competent admins will
> be disabling recursion from outside their networks.

What is the issue with recursive DNS?  I've recently set up a BIND/DNS server on my home
PC, but had a hard time understanding some of the stuff about recursion.  They don't often
seem to make clarity a priority when writing books on the subject.

Cheers, and sorry again for my late reply ;O)


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