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waltersm@telusplanet.net waltersm at telusplanet.net
Sun May 14 16:14:21 PDT 2006

Hello All,

As super user I did an apt-get update first and then an apt-get upgrade. I then
chose all the default options and thought everthing was going fine and shut down
my computer.

I then booted up the next day and got a number of error messages that went by
too quickly to write down and logged in in text mode, which is what the computer
asked for. I checked and the vim editor is working fine. But when I type startx
I got an error message which I will relate to you when I reboot without my
knoppix live CD. I am using a knoppix 3.7 live CD and web mail to send this email.

I will write down as many of my error messages as I can when I reboot without my
live knoppix CD, and will then send another email message containing these error
messages and describing what happens when I boot up with knoppix 3.7 again and
send another email message using web mail.

All help appreciated in advance,

Michael Walters

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