[clug-talk] dna sequencing software

Mitchell Brown mbgb14 at gmail.com
Sat May 13 21:22:47 PDT 2006

Hi I work for "AllExperts.com" as a volunteer expert. This guys comes at me
with the following question. Wondering if you guys can help me suggest him
something thats multiplatform (this is a Windows-oriented website).

*Andrew Asks in Category **Shareware/Freeware**:*   *Subject: *Helix *Question:
Is there some freeware or shareware software package that I can use to
create helix spirals such as a single, double, triple helix and so on. it
would be good if theer was some control and that the helix is accurate.
Ideally a wire frame/solid rendering option would be perfect.

Let me know if you can help in this matter
Many thanks

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