[clug-talk] mail server using qmail

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Fri May 12 23:07:16 PDT 2006

On Friday 12 May 2006 23:17, Brad Camroux wrote:
> No real reason other than I have the O'Reilly book on qmail and I wanted to
> give it a shot. If I'd have known how frustrating the .qmail files really
> are to understand, I would have never installed qmail in the first place. 
> But it's working now (although qmail-send doesn't seem to be logging
> itself... must look into that one).

I found qmail to be a good solution when you want a simple mail server.  For a 
single domain.

Anytime I moved beyond this criteria I ran into no end of troubles getting 
things running and staying running.  I eventually decided that if I have to 
do that much effort anyways, I may as well use postfix with virtual hosting 
because there is so much more documentation out there on it. (postfix also 
fits that minimalist criteria just fine).

Most of the problems I encountered were with setting up spam/virus filtering, 
virtual domains, or remote authentication.  In most cases I was able to work 
out what was going on except when I hit the weird authentication problems 
from remote networks.  (all the resources I found suggested I had things set 
right, but it still failed).

Then I found Kolab.  All those headaches went away.  The only thing I had to 
give up was virtual hosting.  But only cuz I'm too lazy (and don't have a 
need) to set this up with Kolab.  The current release (unless I missed a 
version or two) does not support virtual hosting itself.  But I've heard you 
can use Kolab as the backend to something like vpopmail.  I'm also hearing 
the next release will support virtual hosting.

With Kolab, I was up and running in about 15 minutes, and have never had to 
touch the server again.  er, ok, I did touch it again to implement tighter 
spam filtering.  But that was MY choice.  Not a crash that had to be fixed.

Glad you got your qmail running though.. :)


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