[clug-talk] apt-get upgrade

Andrew J. Kopciuch akopciuch at bddf.ca
Fri May 12 22:39:03 PDT 2006

> Do any of you have suggestions as to how to download and install
> aspell.bin and how to configure vim editor to keep the file name visible
> on part of the screen? I did manage to configure the vim editor to line
> wrap successfully. If I can do the other two items I would have the vim
> editor fully configured for my purposes.

You will want to set this in a vimrc (/etc/vim/vimrc, /etc/vimrc, ~/.vimrc)

set laststatus=2

That will always show the filename.

As for the aspell thing ... I believe if it is not already installed on the 
system apt-get install aspell should do it.

Try which aspell to make sure you don't already have it.

And on another note, you might want to look at vimspell :


And you can actually set it up to do on the fly spell checking.

> Even with the vim editor as it is now I can edit .c files and can check
> the c programs thus created and check their syntax and get simple c
> programs working. And the vim editor does this by color coding the
> characters on the screen in an intelligible way which gives me clues as
> to what to do to edit the programs to make them work. And I can use the
> first book on c programming that I got from my cousin to do the rest.

yes ... syntax highlighting is a must.  


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