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Mitchell Brown mbgb14 at gmail.com
Fri May 12 18:36:54 PDT 2006


I looked around for awhile and can't seem to figure it out. Just got a brand
new APC UPS for my server. Its got a USB cable on it so I figured hell why
not hook it up! It even comes with software (designed for "that other
operating system" though)! I remember my PCLinuxOS Control Center (its
pretty much like the Mandriva Control Center for you non-pclos users) has a
button for configuring an UPS. So, after clicking the button, and hitting
autodetect, to my amazement it automatically detected my new UPS! Wow.
Impressive ;)

Now. After clicking OK to the pretty little congrats screen I expected to be
presented with a plethora of options for setting time-delays and such! Umm.
No. Not at all. In fact. I'm back to the Control Center. When I click the
button again, it just reruns the detection process.


Where do I go to actually configure it?

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