[clug-talk] Firefox, Konqueror behaviour different

Hendrik Schaink hschaink at infovisi.com
Thu May 11 22:35:00 PDT 2006

Yes appears to be all javascript. The javascript console displays this
on message two separate occasions when changing screens:

-------------------- start of error msg --------------------------
Error: unterminated character class
Source File: http://reservation.martinair.com/dxtra/dxtra.aspx
Line: 79, Column: 32
Source Code:
												valid.txtLastName = /^[a-zA-Z]{2,50}([ /\,]+[a-zA-Z]{2,50})*$/;
-------------------- end of error msg --------------------------

A little arrow points to variable valid.txtLastName.

Could this possibly mean that Firefox doesn't handle character set
changes very well, i.e. Western European vs. US English? And by
extension that Konqueror has no problems with character set changes?

Thank you for pointing out the Javascript Console in Firefox. Hadn't
used it up until now.


Darren L wrote:
> Not sure what you're describing:  is it a javascript redirect?
> if so, what does the Firefox JavaScript Console say?
> On 5/11/06, Hendrik Schaink <hschaink at infovisi.com> wrote:
>> I had an "interesting" experience of trying to book a flight upgrade
>> on-line with Firefox/Mozilla and with Konqueror under KDE 3.5.
>> Verdict: Konqueror preformed admirably; Firefox/Mozilla failed to
>> complete the last step (5) in the transaction. See also attached screen
>> shots.
>> With Firefox, I could complete everything _except_ the final payment
>> transaction using a redirect to a secure site.  :-(
>> With Konqueror I was able to complete everything _including_ the
>> redirect to a secure payment site.  :-)
>> Any idea what is missing from Firefox? Or for that matter what Konqueror
>> does particularly well?

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