[clug-talk] OpenSuSE 10.1 Released

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Thu May 11 11:58:18 PDT 2006

On Thursday 11 May 2006 12:02, Jarrod Major wrote:
> I've used SuSE since about version 8 I believe. I like YaST (both GUI and
> CL version which is damn close to the GUI-nice work SuSE devs!). I've never
> had a problem with the repositories for doing online updates. I've added

i've also used SUSE for several revs and had generally excellent experiences 
with it. load time for desktop/laptop computers were never great and YAST was 
also slow. this was made up for by the fact that it was solidly integrated, 
package updates always went off without a hitch and there were lots of 
packages available. it generally "just worked" better than the rest, and once 
it was up and running was usually faster than most of the competition as 

10.0 was a bit of a disaster for me. i had a few installations do unexpected 
and unhappy things, ranging from hardware set up problems to server setup 
issues to installation sources not working. there were more bugs than i was 
used to in a SUSE release, but it -was- a "dot-oh" release and everyone's 
allowed a "screwed the pooch" moment from time to time in my books.

it'll be interesting to see if 10.1 does any better on the stability and 
integration front. i'm attempting to grab the ISOs via bittorrent and will 
see how it goes ...

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