[clug-talk] News & Views: Save Vista By Open SOurcing It

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Thu May 11 11:31:05 PDT 2006

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Tek Budda wrote:
>> Though I'm not a RH fan, I think Dell is making a move in the right direction. 
>> The problem with using RH is it won't scale well to home users. Someone's 
>> going to jump up and down screaming Fedora, but Fedora is not RH :) and it's 
>> not supported.
>> Come to think of it, there aren't many distros who offer official support for 
>> a home user. Linspire is the only one I can think of.

Xandros, SuSe, Mandriva all come to mind.
Ubuntu provides support either directly or via a local company.  More
info here:
and here:

>> I read an article saying that most people only learn new computer skills out 
>> of necessity -- and being put in front of a RH box at work would qualify. So 
>> perhaps it's a good angle of attack.

> And I know what you mean about RH vs. Fedora.  And yeah... as far as 
> desktop distros, there isn't much out there that offer support. 
> Linspire is one... but I think Xandros might be another one.. but I am 
> not sure.  I wonder if K/Ubuntu do?  I know they offer support for 
> businesses but for the average person.. hmmm.  The only one I could 

They will give support to whomever pays them for support.  Looking at
their prices though, it does appear to be marketed to businesses.

> possibly think of that might be a candidate from the majoor distros 
> would be Suse...or Mandriva.
> I think you are right too about using KDE.  If they want to pull from 
> from the Mac/MS crowd they need something simple and straightforward, 
> and very eye candyish.  Gnoe has its place, but I think the "äverage (if 
> there is one)" user may find it frustrating.

Gnome is targeted at this mythical "average user".  It gets the job done
but KDE does have the "wow" factor working for it (most people I know do
like bright and shiny).

> I know this will open up a can... but I really truly do believe that the 
> open source community needs to come together.. swallow some pride and 
> decide on some standards ...maybe not for everything... but at the very 
> least for the "core" elements...for where things are placed.  Yes...it 
> "may" open up greater potential for attacks on systems, but one of teh 
> strengthes of Linux is its security.

For most of the important things this has already happened, eg.
Freedesktop.org, Linux Standard Base, Open Document Format, etc.  What
do you mean by come together?  What do you mean by standards?
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