[clug-talk] Canadian 2006 Census - A Lack of Standards Compliance

Alberto Cea albertocea at yahoo.ca
Thu May 11 10:11:03 PDT 2006

 I found this today in Census Canada web site
 May 11, 2006
    Does the Linux operating system work with the census online application?
    Statistics Canada has chosen to use PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) encryption to provide the industrial strength security and data privacy that the 2006 Census Internet application requires. The PKI encryption of data starts at the browser and goes all the way to the end server at Statistics Canada. In order to enable PKI encryption at the respondent's browser, the application uses a small Java applet based on Entrust TruePass technology. At the time the Census application was developed, the version 7.1 of TruePass did not provide support for Linux.
    Although the most recent upgrade, TruePass version 8, now includes Linux, that development came too late for the census production schedule. We are currently investigating the feasibility of offering one option to open source users. Consult this site for the most recent update on our test results.

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On Wednesday 10 May 2006 12:04 pm, bogi wrote:
> Way to go Jarrod.
> Let's hope they can fix it now ...
> Cheers
> Szemir

Ha, ha, I'm not naive enough to believe that they will fix it just because of 
me but one voice among many perhaps...

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