[clug-talk] Nagios and Net-SNMP

Peter Van den Wildenbergh pvdw at criticalcontrol.com
Thu May 11 06:59:00 PDT 2006

Robert Campbell wrote:

> I all.... I'm hoping somebody can help an SNMP noob get things running 
> on nagios.  Any help would be appreciated.
> I've installed the latest and greatest stable nagios, and nagios 
> plugins via RPM, and have configured some basic hosts, hostgroups, and 
> services.
> On one of my hosts (not the nagios host) I've turned on the default 
> net-snmp daemon (FC4).
> I've created a service in nagios like this:
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We are missing some service configs in your post.

Anyway, a team member and myself just dived into Nagios.
We got 'visual' of HOSTS (both Linux and that other one)
APC metered powerbars
all CISCO devices (routers, firewalls, switches)
and some other stuff flying around on our network

We might be able to help, although we are SNMP newbies aswell.



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