[clug-talk] News & Views: Save Vista By Open SOurcing It

Nick Wiltshire nick at customdesigns.ca
Wed May 10 12:21:21 PDT 2006

On Wednesday 10 May 2006 1:01 pm, Mitchell Brown wrote:
> I have to agree - this might happen some day. When Hell freezes over!!
> Seriously, Microsoft has no reason to it. The Microsoft fanboys will
> still purchase Windows no matter how insecure or unstable it is.
> Because, to alot of them, Linux just screams "HARDDD!!!" and they
> don't want to take the time to learn it. Does this guy honestly think
> Bill Gates is just gonna open source it? Man...

I agree. Except it's not the fanboys, it's people who buy a magic box with a 
pre-loaded OS. They are the reason for MS's huge cash flow. If Dell was to 
start shipping -and advertising- boxes pre-loaded with Linux, it would be 
interesting, but I'll withhold prediction. Lets say it would help.

> But lets just imagine if this did happen. The world would, literally,
> change forever. Even people who have no interest in how the OS works,
> they'd be effected. There'd be dozens and even hundreds of spinoffs
> (www.windowsdistrowatch.com OMG can you imagine?!) of it and it would
> be chaos. Microsoft would instantly regret the decision as the Linux
> zealots would get their sometimes "grubby" (no offence) paws into it
> and start changing it all around.

Not necessarily - they could write the license in such a way to prevent this. 
They're not too shy to enforce it either.

> As cool as it would be -- in reality - who really wants opensource Windows?
> O_o

I don't care what they do with it, I'm more concerned about ODF and CSS (now 
my message is almost on topic!). Then one century we can standardize JS. Stop 
laughing. I'm serious ;)

Vista is not going to be as promised. They'll fix some stuff, break more 
stuff, cut out all the major features, and the benefit might be cheaper high 
end video cards.

In the end, *shrug* meh. KDE4 is coming, now there's some news :) (ok now that 
was on topic)


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