[clug-talk] Inspiron 9400

Nick Wiltshire nick at customdesigns.ca
Wed May 10 09:33:14 PDT 2006

On Wednesday 10 May 2006 9:55 am, Jon wrote:
> > You could create a loopback device and do your install on that now, then
> > when you get your shiny new toy just tar it up & move it over, install a
> > boot loader & cross your fingers. Pre-emptive strike!
> Wha? I don't even understand that sentence never mind able to implement it.
> :)

A loopback device is (usually) a way to mount a file like it was a device. The 
process simplified looks like:

(create the file, say 5GB should be plenty)
#dd if=/dev/zero of=~/diskimage bs=1024M count=5
(then you format it as if it was a disk)
#mke2fs -j ~/diskimage
(then mount it and begin your install)
#mount -o loop ~/diskimage /mnt/gentoo
(after completing your install, make sure to unmount pseudo filesystems used 
in the installation)
#umount /mnt/gentoo/dev
#umount /mnt/gentoo/proc
(tar it up, making sure to be in the right spot & preserve permissions)
#cd /mnt/gentoo
#tar -cvjpf ~/diskimage.tar.bz *

Then on the new machine, boot with knoppix, partition the drive (lets assume 
the new partition is hda1)
#mke2fs -j /dev/hda1
#mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1
#cd /mnt/hda1
(likely use scp at this point to copy the tar file you created to /mnt/hda1)
#tar -xvjpf diskimage.tar.bz

(proceed with bootloader install)

It looks harder than it is, I promise :) I'm sure someone will find a glaring 
error above...


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