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Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Wed May 10 09:21:27 PDT 2006

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Jon wrote:
> Yowsa! I didn't meant to throw a gernade into the room and then go to
> bed :)

Not your fault, I think it was a case of one too many PEBKACs and one
hour too few of sleep.

> I think Shawn (?) has me pegged. I like the *idea* of Gentoo and the
> *idea* of compiling my system from source, but I'm not sure that I'm
> either up to it technically or willing to wait a day or so to use my
> brand new laptop to see if I got it right.

Given the interest in Gentoo, I wonder if a demo install during the
installfest might not be a bad idea.  I will have VMware available for
other distros, but gentoo will probably not be happy.

> Thanks for all the great info on Gentoo, though. I've got a much
> better understanding of what I can expect from it (should I go that
> way now or in the future) and where its strengths lie.

> I have another week to ponder??.

Just because I am in a mildly evil mood, and given  your interest in
media production, you may wish to consider DeMudi and/or 64 studio,
which are Debian/Debian Pure 64 distros that are preconfigured for media
(particularly audio) production.  There is also Planet CCR

Demudi can be found here: http://demudi.agnula.org/
and 64 studio here: http://www.64studio.com/

There is a Red Hat/ Fedora Core based project as well called Planet
CCRMA, more info can be found here:

So, more pondering :)

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