[clug-talk] Inspiron 9400

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Wed May 10 01:17:24 PDT 2006

On Tuesday 09 May 2006 23:46, Gustin Johnson wrote:
> <flame bait>
> I don't think we can book the room for 3 days :P
> </flame bait>

That was the first thought to go through my head too... :)
> Seriously, whats with the binary distro bashing of Gentoo users.  The
> "complete control" line is kinda silly,  you can learn about your system
> at "a low level" with other distros, it is a matter of personal interest
> and motivation.

I didn't think my comments suggested one distro was better than any other, but 
maybe it came across that way.

The complete control line IS pushing it a bit and I did try to allude to this 
in my message.  Afterall, any distro can compile from source, and one could 
get apt-get on a gentoo system if you really wanted.  But, the comment was 
one of perspective.  When I install a debian system, I get a nice installer 
that walks me through the process.  Yes, I *could* make some choices that 
will customize it much more (like partitioning, or package selection), but 
you still end up at the same point when you're done - with a graphical 
interface, that you now need to tweak and clean up to suit your needs.  (I'm 
ignoring the server install for now... that's closer to gentoo in spirit I 
think, or would that be gento is closer to a debian server install.. hmmm).  
But really, most mainstream distros are meant to install a base system on as 
many different platforms as possible, as easily as possible.  So the 
installers tend to make a lot of choices on your behalf.

With Gentoo, you start from the low level, with nothing really hidden from 
you.  The install doc takes you through the process very well, so it's not as 
scary as it might seem at first.  In the process YOU get to make the choices 
the installers normally make for you, and in the process learn why the 
installers choose what they do.  Yes, you *could* do this process with any 
other distro out there, but they weren't built for this purpose.  

So it comes down to the underlying perspective of the different distros.  
Gentoo is targeted at the "tweakers", whereas Debian/Suse/Fedora/etc. are 
targeted at different folks.

The only argument for any distro that I can see is that the right one is the 
one that works for YOU.

From what I know of Jon, I think he might have an interest in the tweaking 
area, but don't think that's really what he's after.  So I think he might try 
Gentoo, but only for a short while.  (Just an opinion Jon!!! )

BTW Gustin... when was the last time I called you when my gentoo system 
borked??? :)  Kubuntu, well, that was today (or yesterday I guess now), but 
that's different.. :)

But I agree with your sentiments as well - people think their distro of choice 
is the *right* one, so try to make other distros behave like it and are 
disappointed when they can't.  Hmm... I did a blog on something like this not 
too long ago... (http://grover.open2space.com/node/13).

Anyways, I think I need to get to bed...  We'll go for beer and argue this one 
out.. (not that I really see an argument going on...) :)


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