[clug-talk] how to stop partitions being autodetected.

Hendrik Schaink hschaink at infovisi.com
Tue May 9 15:02:01 PDT 2006

To prevent mounting, change the "auto" settings in the 4th parameter in
/etc/fstab from "auto" to "noauto", like this:

/dev/hdb1   <mntpoint>   auto   defaults,user,auto   0  0
/dev/hdb1   <mntpoint>   auto   defaults,user,noauto   0  0

Do this for all partitions that should _not_ be mounted. Save fstab and
issue the command (as root) mount -a.

WARNING: do _not_ touch any root, boot, home, tmp, usr, var, opt
partitions!! Or you will not be able to start your computer.
Also backup your system's fstab with
	cp -p /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.orig


Hendrik Schaink

Graham Monk wrote:
> I'm getting frustrated. Here is the situation: the computer has three
> IDE drives, one DVD/RW drive, and one USB drive. The partitioning is
> as follows:
> hda1 = XOSL 1.15 bootloader;
> hda2 = QNX 6.2.1;
> hda3 = Windows 98SE;
> hdb1 = Windows 2000 Pro SP4;
> hdb2 = SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3 (currently);
> hdc1 = Linux swap;
> hdc2 = Windows swap;
> hdc3 = FAT32 userdata partition;
> hdc4 = FAT32 userdata partition;
> hdd = DVD/RW drive;
> sda1 = FAT32 userdata partition (USB HDD).
> What I need is for MEPIS (or any other distro) to:
> Never detect or try to mount or show in any way at all any of the
> above-listed partitions, except for hdc3, hdc4, hdd, and sda1 - which
> I do want automounted, and displayed on the desktop as named icons.
> And, I also need MEPIS to use hdc1 for swap - which is something it
> does not seem to be willing to do, at the moment... argh.
> I have tried editing fstab repeatedly; however, the "dynamic" portion
> always keeps coming back... despite having already turned Kwikdisk
> off. Why??
> Can anyone offer any help on this, please?
> djallan

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