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As I suggested previously, just place another working box beside the flakey
one and use the power supply from the good one to power the bad one. Most
PSU cables will reach and it's a quick way to test without pulling the
PSU's. Pulling them takes about 5 minutes if the cables don't reach.

There are PSU testers out there but many do not actually place a load on the
supply, simply check for the presence of power on the line. I usually just
hang a new PS off the box and test before I pull the suspect one.

FYI, all the systems I sell come with a minimum 400W power supply. While
they are a bit more expensive initially they are certainly more reliable in
the long run. I've had customer systems with a multitude of strange problems
ranging from spontaneous reboots, reboot on mouse click to random failure to
write to CD that were resolved with a new PS.



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Yup I'm suspecting power problems too now. I've been running a CPU stress
test for hours now, and the memory test went all night, no problems. I might
try another PSU. 

It's an AMD Athlon XP 2600+ I think. It cost about $2000 if I recall
correctly. It has an ATI All in Wonder ($400) vid card. 

Hmm... Can you test a powersupply? Or just replace it?

On 5/9/06, Hendrik Schaink <hschaink at infovisi.com > wrote:

	Ripping video is a high-CPU-demand task. Considering that you
	found any faulty memory nor hard drive, there's IMHO only two
	left: either the CPU overheats and goes into power-down mode (Intel
	only; AMD CPUs in the past tended to burn themselves up) _OR_ the
	to the CPU is insufficient on a "long-term" power-hungry task.
Either of
	these scenario could create weird (dying) sounds over the speakers.
	You are saying that your box was bought as a high-end box -- does
	mean that the PowerSupply is rated at least 350W? IMO a PSU of 300W
	a high-end CPU _and_ a high-end video card _and_ a high-end sound
	is a recipe for failure. If my memory serves me well, it was about 2

	years ago that my own supplier started bringing in cases with 350W
	to provide adequate power to power-hungry components. Be really
	with _generic_ PSUs: they are produced with a low price-point in
	reliable power and life span are sacrificed to achieve that price
	Be sure to check the cooling fins of the CPU fan -- they do tend to
	clogged up with dust -- blow them out with forced air.
	All in all, my money is on the lack of power -- use it for what it's
	worth to you.
	Hendrik Schaink
	Mitchell Brown wrote:
	> It has one hard drive, a CDRW/DVD-ROM drive, and a DVD-RW drive.
	> And one or two fans. Total. That's it. No extra peripherals. 
	> On 5/9/06, *Mark Carlson* <carlsonmark at gmail.com
	> <mailto:carlsonmark at gmail.com>> wrote:
	>     On 5/9/06, Kin Wong < kwong at csa-pdk.com
<mailto:kwong at csa-pdk.com>>
	>     wrote:
	>     > Mitchell Brown wrote: 
	>     >
	>     > > Okay, the full 5-stage CHKDSK just finished. Found 0
problems. Argh.
	>     > > I could try reformatting the drive and doing a NTFS Full
	>     time -
	>     > > but I'd probably just be wasting my time. 
	>     > > If it is faulty memory or a PSU, why would reformatting
	>     partition
	>     > > with Linux make a difference to the Windows installer O_o
	>     > >
	>     > > I'm at a loss here. This is very frustrating for me and my
mom wants 
	>     > > this video ripped asap.
	>     > >
	>     > > What would you guys do in my situation?
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