[clug-talk] Random computer crashing

Mitchell Brown mbgb14 at gmail.com
Mon May 8 22:48:03 PDT 2006

Okay, the full 5-stage CHKDSK just finished. Found 0 problems. Argh.
I could try reformatting the drive and doing a NTFS Full this time - but I'd
probably just be wasting my time.
If it is faulty memory or a PSU, why would reformatting the partition with
Linux make a difference to the Windows installer O_o

I'm at a loss here. This is very frustrating for me and my mom wants this
video ripped asap.

What would you guys do in my situation?

On 5/8/06, Dave Watkins - CLUG <President at clug.ca> wrote:
> Hi Mitchell,
> Try swapping out the memory with known good stuff. XP seems to have an
> innate ability to sniff out flakey memory. You might try another power
> supply also. Just put 2 boxes side by side and use the other's power
> supply.
> Saves having to pull the supply out.
> Cheers,
> Dave Watkins
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> Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help --
> Today I had to reinstall "that other operating system" on my dads
> computer.
> Now, whenever the XP Setup got about half way through "Copying files to
> your
> hard disk" the computers PC-Speaker made a disgusting croak noise and died
> solemly. Like, the entire machine just went a cold shutdown like someone
> hit
> the powerbar. Now, I tried my legit copy of XP, my pirated copy,
> everything.
> Nothing worked. Finally, I decided to boot onto my PCLinuxOS livecd and
> wipe
> out the partitions that way instead of using WinXP-Setups' built-in
> watered
> down partitioner. Everything worked, the install worked, no more dying,
> nothing. Just worked. I figured that the Windows partitioner was having
> trouble creating the filesystem properly, right?
> Well, now, here I am at the machine, and all of a sudden, it croaks, and
> dies again! Right in the middle of a huge video-rip. Sounds intense, but
> for
> this machine, its not really. Now, right away I think, "Oh, I'm
> overloading
> it" - well, not the case, because the WinXP-Setup would always die in the
> exact same place. So that's kind of a coincidence.
> So does anyone know what this is? The sound the PC Speaker makes is kind
> of
> a loud-low note, then fades out and the machine dies.
> Thanks!
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