[clug-talk] Random computer crashing

Dave Watkins - CLUG President at CLUG.ca
Mon May 8 22:16:01 PDT 2006

Hi Mitchell,

Try swapping out the memory with known good stuff. XP seems to have an
innate ability to sniff out flakey memory. You might try another power
supply also. Just put 2 boxes side by side and use the other's power supply.
Saves having to pull the supply out.



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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help --

Today I had to reinstall "that other operating system" on my dads computer.
Now, whenever the XP Setup got about half way through "Copying files to your
hard disk" the computers PC-Speaker made a disgusting croak noise and died
solemly. Like, the entire machine just went a cold shutdown like someone hit
the powerbar. Now, I tried my legit copy of XP, my pirated copy, everything.
Nothing worked. Finally, I decided to boot onto my PCLinuxOS livecd and wipe
out the partitions that way instead of using WinXP-Setups' built-in watered
down partitioner. Everything worked, the install worked, no more dying,
nothing. Just worked. I figured that the Windows partitioner was having
trouble creating the filesystem properly, right? 

Well, now, here I am at the machine, and all of a sudden, it croaks, and
dies again! Right in the middle of a huge video-rip. Sounds intense, but for
this machine, its not really. Now, right away I think, "Oh, I'm overloading
it" - well, not the case, because the WinXP-Setup would always die in the
exact same place. So that's kind of a coincidence.

So does anyone know what this is? The sound the PC Speaker makes is kind of
a loud-low note, then fades out and the machine dies. 


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