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Hi All,

>From the CUUG list. If you have any leads, reply directly to brownkm at shaw.ca


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Hope no one minds too much if I use the CalgaryUnix list for this. This is
intended more for those on the Board who know me, just didn't want to use
that list inappropriately. I wanted to remind everyone that I'm back in the
market for a Systems Administration/ Support position. So if you have any
suggestions or an 'inside track', it would be much appreciated.

As most of you know I've been working on my MCSA (Don't want to use the 'M'
word in a email to this group ;-). I've still got a couple exams to
complete, but I'd like to secure a position first. I took a Linux Sys Admin
course as well to formalize my skills there.

If you know of any one looking please feel free to forward my resume link:
    http://members.shaw.ca/kenmbrown/ <http://members.shaw.ca/kenmbrown/> 

I've already listed/met with a lot of the agencies/ contractors and hit some
of the major companies. They just tend to be looking for more senior talent.
Mind you, I suppose now that I've resorted to sending this out, one of my
previous interviews will come through and I'll end up in Fort McMurray or
something ;-)

Ken Brown

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