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timmy tim at timmy.ws
Mon May 8 09:33:09 PDT 2006

Try manually editing the /etc/hostname file. That file is read upon 
bootup to set the hostname. I had the same issue with Debian; the 
'hostname' command only applied to that sessin, but upon reboot, the 
/etc/hostname file was read and set back to the old hostname.


Mitchell Brown wrote:

> Hi, sorry for frequent posting but this is something that has vexed me 
> forever!
> localhost being the hostname sucks. Now, I can goto a terminal and do 
> "hostname mynewhostname" as root and it changes it. For that session. 
> As soon as I reboot its back to localhost!!!! Why? How can I change 
> it? I know in U/Kubuntu you set it during the install, and it actually 
> sticks but thats the only distro so far that I've seen!!!
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