[clug-talk] LinuxFest - 6 Degrees of Separation

bogi khangyi at shaw.ca
Fri May 5 09:07:28 PDT 2006

If that is a sign of something, it is the sign that we made the correct size 
and frequency ripple. People and companies are hearing about this, and that 
is the most important first step. You can only answer a question of someone 
asks it. Now we have people (companies) asking, and i am sure they got their 

CLUGVp :-)

On May 5, 2006 09:23, Mike Bougie wrote:
> This is odd to the point of freaking me out.
> My aunt, who works at Nortel, asked my girlfriend if she knew anything
> about LinuxFest. I was copied on the e-mail. I responded with a resounding
> "Uh...yeah! I'm Secretary of the organization arranging it!"
> This has seriously freaked me out.
> On another note, Nortel and it's subsidiaries use Bugzilla, and other FOSS
> software apparently. Nice to know that their missing 2 quadrillion dollars
> isn't from wasted software costs...
> ~Mike

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