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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Thu May 4 15:26:49 PDT 2006

On Thursday 04 May 2006 15:50, Mitchell Brown wrote:
>    - Users. Is there any way of adding users in a "foolproof" or "Wizard"
>    way where it automatically puts them in the proper groups? Because I
> have no idea which groups a regular user should belong to, and what extra
> groups an administrator should belong to.

in Dapper there's a User & Groups panel in System Administration. the group 
you want to add users to is "admin" for admin rights.

>    - Root - How do I set it up so I can login graphically with Root (bad
>    idea, yes, but, I have my reasons). I have done sudo passwd and set the
>    password, but the login screen says that root can't do that.

yep. and that's for your own protection. there is exactly zero reason to log 
in as root. it is quite possible, but .. no =)

>    - Printing. How do I make the box go looking on my network for a
>    printer? I went to "Network printer (tcp)" in the Add Printer box, but I
>    found that it couldn't find it. (It said it was searching so
>    maybe searching localhost is a problem! :-/)

yes; on the network scan page click on the Settings button

>    So, I ended up having to 
> tell it it was a Samba printer (it's both, its running on a linux box) - I
> think it works, but it just seems wrong to have two linux boxes talking
> over Samba

samba's not all that bad =)

>    - PHP and MySQL server. -- in most distros, you just goto the package
>    manager, load up php and its deps, and mysql and its deps, and boom, it
>    dumps them into /var/www/html/ in the proper subdirectory, vuala, it
> works. I loaded the necessary packages via Adept and I don't see anything
> in /var/www other then the DocumentRoot (which is in /var/www instead of
> /var/www/html where I usually find it!!)

so ... php scripts aren't working? or ..?

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