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Mitchell Brown mbgb14 at gmail.com
Thu May 4 14:50:38 PDT 2006

Hi guys,
I know from the meeting last night that alot of you guys use Kubuntu, so,
naturally, I decided to load up the disc I was graciously given! I must say,
I'm impressed. I'm almost considering using it fulltime.

Couple things though, maybe someone could help

   - Users. Is there any way of adding users in a "foolproof" or "Wizard"
   way where it automatically puts them in the proper groups? Because I have no
   idea which groups a regular user should belong to, and what extra groups an
   administrator should belong to.
   - Root - How do I set it up so I can login graphically with Root (bad
   idea, yes, but, I have my reasons). I have done sudo passwd and set the
   password, but the login screen says that root can't do that.
   - Printing. How do I make the box go looking on my network for a
   printer? I went to "Network printer (tcp)" in the Add Printer box, but I
   found that it couldn't find it. (It said it was searching so
   maybe searching localhost is a problem! :-/) So, I ended up having to tell
   it it was a Samba printer (it's both, its running on a linux box) - I think
   it works, but it just seems wrong to have two linux boxes talking over Samba
   - PHP and MySQL server. -- in most distros, you just goto the package
   manager, load up php and its deps, and mysql and its deps, and boom, it
   dumps them into /var/www/html/ in the proper subdirectory, vuala, it works.
   I loaded the necessary packages via Adept and I don't see anything in
   /var/www other then the DocumentRoot (which is in /var/www instead of
   /var/www/html where I usually find it!!)

I held off on sending this list as long as I could -- hehe, Dave, I googled
the difference between IM and a mailing list ;)

So yes, any words to the wise is much appreciated!

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