[clug-talk] OT: Work table selection

Mark Carlson carlsonmark at gmail.com
Wed May 3 16:38:31 PDT 2006

Warning: long question ahead, if you don't want to read it, here is a
short form you can answer: "what do you use for a workbench/computer

Hello again,

Well, my card table is getting pretty wobbly, and my Ikea computer
desk is becoming pretty much useless.  I have been looking into
purchasing a new workbench for a few weeks now, and was really
impressed with this little number:
(tinyurl: http://tinyurl.com/n4y3b )

A place in town ( http://active-tech.ca ) carries the line, and I was
just about to buy one with a shelf for the hefty sum of ~$800.  That
was out of my budget already, but when I went to get a quote, they
said they would have to charge an extra $250 for shipping.

Unfortunately, I'm not made of money, so now I'm looking for something
less pricey.  I suppose I can do without the modularity, but the work
surface will probably end up facing some serious scratching, stray
solder/soldering irons, and heavyish equipment (well, a couple hundred
pounds anyways.)

So, my requirements are:
- Durable surface (or can replace it for under $100)
- Can hold a few hundred pounds
- A shelf would be nice
- Need to get a chair under it
- Large enough (30"x72" surface would be ideal)
- Need to get a keyboard+monitor on there somehow

That leaves me with a few options:
- 2xSawhorse+Plywood
- - I can only hope this would handle throwing on an 80lb computer or
a 50lb 'scope
- Get an Ikea table and either cover it with something or keep replacing it
- - They tend to fall apart after a few years :-(
- Use a rack system like readyrack or gorilla rack
- - This looks to be the best option so far

I suppose I could use the racks to hold some of the equipment that
won't be moving much as well as for doing soldering/prototyping on,
and then get a decent computer desk for the computer stuff.

So my question to you all is this:
What is your computer setup like? (What do you have your computers set up on?)
Do you know of any other solution that would fit my needs?

I appreciate your time, and await your responses, (hey, isn't it
always fun to talk about your setups?)


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