[clug-talk] Looking for input on Internet application usage.

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Wed May 3 13:13:27 PDT 2006

On Wednesday 03 May 2006 11:18, Mark Carlson wrote:
> I'm going to be doing the presentation at LinuxFest about Internet
> usage and was wondering what sort of apps you guys use on a regular
> basis (and maybe a sentence as to why you like using it instead of
> something else/what you use it for specifically.)

Konqueror: well integrated, fast and extremely featureful browser (tabs, add 
blocking, javascript and java config (per host even), ditto for cookies, 
translations, spell checking in forms, etc, etc, etc, etc) as well as network 
file system browser (fish://, zeroconf browsing, lan browsing, etc)
Kontact: a groupware client that works and works well with several different 
groupware servers and pretty well all commonly used mail and calendaring 
related RFCs; also provides RSS feeds (akregator part) providing integration 
with konqueror for one-click feed additons
Kopete: multi-protocal IM client that supports most/all the latest and 
craziest IM features, sports metacontacts, integrates with kontact and 
supports the fast-becoming-defacto-standard adium chatwindow styles
Konversation: the best KDE irc client available IMHO
KTorrent: a very fast and capable torrent client with built in torrent 
amaroK: integrates my music collection with last.fm, wikipedia, amazon.com 
(automagically grab album covers) and other music related web services
KWifiManager: easy management of my wifi card
ssh/sftp/scp: -the- way to admin and otherwise work on boxes under the desk, 
in the other room or on another continent
KWrite: in combination with fish:// i use it to edit files on remote machines. 
ditto for the KOffice apps, but i don't use them quite as often for this 
purpose in that way.
wget: grabbing web and ftp content from the command line couldn't be easier
links: amazingly powerful console web browser. team it up with ssh to securely  
perform remote web-based administration tasks as easy as using a full GUI 
svn and cvs: allows me to work and collaberate on sets of documents with 
people from around the world (i use it for software development, document 
management and web site setup)
ethereal: the only way to sniff the network
nessus: best-of-breed security scanner with a client/server model

hmm.. wonder what else i'm forgetting? =)

Aaron J. Seigo
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