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A messy hack!
Hehe. Oh well, that's why Ubuntu is now being formatted off my system as we
speak. It's funny, every few months I'll be like "Okay, I'm gonna force
myself to like this distro. They have free CD's and its the number one!!"
lol but it never happens!! It's always off of there in a matter of hours.

On 5/3/06, Gustin Johnson <gustin at echostar.ca> wrote:
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> Mitchell Brown wrote:
> > Gnome was the major reason why I didn't like it. Plus, it runs like a
> slug
> > on my old computer .. It's not too bad on my fast one though :)
> >
> > Also, the lack of package choices in Synaptic compared to PCLinux -- and
> > Automatix just *feels* messy/clumsy.. like it was put together in two
> > seconds by a fat guy in his garage.
> >
> Automatix _is_ a hack, but some of the packages it supplies cannot be
> folded into a distro without incurring financial cost.
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