[clug-talk] Debian repository scripts

Roy Souther roy at silicontao.com
Wed May 3 10:54:35 PDT 2006

I am working on my own fork of Knoppix/Debian and so I setup my on
repository server. To start off I used the deb files from the Knoppix
Live CD.

After downloading, resurrecting or building packages I use these scripts
http://canux.silicontao.com/scripts to create a repository from the deb

How to use it.
1) Pull all your deb file into a directory where you want them to be
served from.
2) Run the ReorganizeDebianRepository.bsh script

ReorganizeDebianRepository.bsh tries to rebuild the Debian repository
tree by reading the control files from the deb packages and moving the
files to their original positions. It then calls GenerateRelease.bsh
script that builds the Package(.gz) and Release files for that

Royce Souther
Let Open Source help your business move beyond.

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