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Thanks for the help :) I solved it with the help of CLUG :D
Hehe. Yay. Man I love this PGP stuff. I'm signing even stupid stuff. O_O!!

On 5/2/06, Gustin Johnson <gustin at echostar.ca> wrote:

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    Mitchell Brown wrote:
    > - gpg control packet
    > Hey guys,
    > Quick question:
    > What's the linux equivelant of
    > ipconfig /release && ipconfig /renew

    ifconfig eth0 down will bring down your interface, ifconfig can manually
    set your IP (though ip addr add is better).  Several distros handle this
    differently, Debian based ones have ifup ifdown scripts that take care
    of everything automatically (assuming the system is set up right, no
    different than windows here).

    pump is old, you probably have either dhclient or dhcpc,
    dhclient eth0
    should get an IP for eth0, again assuming that your physical network is
    working properly and also that the DHCP server is working as expected.

    I haven't used dhcpc in a while, so I am not sure what its command line
    options are, but I think it was dhcpc -i eth0 (run it with --help)

    > or the Windows XP network connection repair thingy?

    I do not know what this does, in my experience it rarely works (I have
    not actually witnessed this actually fixing a problem).
    > I tried ifconfig adaptername down %% iconfig adaptername up

    ifconfig is only one piece of the puzzle.

    > But it didn't appear to work.
    > Suggestions?

    Knowing the distro and the tools it uses is a better place to start.
    With K/Ubuntu there are some very good forums and IRC channels to help.
    YMMV with other distros (PCLinuxOS does not appear to have the
    documentation as most of the distros I have tried).

    Also, I am sure it has been mentioned, but linuxquestions.org and
    tldp.org are excellent places to look as well (especially at 4 in the
    morning when everyone else is likely sleeping... not that I have
    computer problems at 4 am)

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