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Hehe yes, people tend to forget!

How do you print them out in a 2D barcode? Sounds like a project!!
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On 5/2/06, simon <simon at mungewell.org> wrote:
> On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 03:09:34PM -0600, Mitchell Brown wrote:
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> > If you are not on a keyserver, should you bring your entire shared key?
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> Hi,
> General convention is that you don't expect someone to insert a floppy
> or flash card into their machine (you might have a clever virus on it),
> and you should never place your secret key on a machine that you don't
> trust (which you would need to do to sign a key).
> So in the case where you don't want to make your public key public (lots
> of valid reasons for than) that you can confirm identy and exchange
> fingerprints, but then arrange to email each other your public keys.
> You can then sign as normal and email the result back.
> I have placed my public key on my website, so if it weren't on a
> keyserver you could get it from there.
> Another really interesting option is to print it out in machine readable
> format, OCR is a possibilty but 2D barcodes are more fun :-)
> Anothering thing to expect is that not everyone who takes your
> fingerprint details will actually sign you key, so don't get upset if
> you don't get as many sigs as you where expecting......
> Simon.
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