[clug-talk] WTF - Microsoft advert on Jack FM

Tek Budda TekBudda at shaw.ca
Tue May 2 08:19:14 PDT 2006

But if the saber was running on a MS OS then it would crash and need to 
be rebooted after  few minutes of swooshing.

I think the final blow though... would come from a Jedi Cream Pie Trick..LOL

Mitchell Brown wrote:
> Haha I can picture Billy boy sitting there in one of his funny looking 
> sweaters - just swooshing people with a lightsaber :D Not a pretty picture!
> On 5/2/06, * Tek Budda* <TekBudda at shaw.ca <mailto:TekBudda at shaw.ca>> wrote:
>     simon wrote:
>      > Hi all,
>      > They (The Evil Empire (TM)) have obviously heard of the our (The
>      > Resistance) little event this weekend.... :-)
>      >
>      > Quick call out the Jedi/Penguin Knights.
>      > Simon
>     Linus...RMS...Maddog...join the dark side and we will rule the
>     universe...<<dramatic pause>>...together!!!
>     No Bill Gates... you are not my father!!!!
>     <<WHOOSH>><<WHOOSH>><<WHOOSH>><<WHOOSH>>  <<--- Light Sabre Sounds!

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