[clug-talk] Question: Client-initiated remote desktop sharing and administration.

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Mon May 1 11:54:11 PDT 2006

On Monday 01 May 2006 12:17, Mitchell Brown wrote:
> Ugh.. I have tried that. Yes, it is VNC. But for whatever reason its about
> 1000x slower then if you start rfbdrake, and it crashes after about 30secs
> of using it. Very odd.

the vnc implementation in krdc is not great. compare it with the rdp support 
and one gets a feel for how good it -could- be. or with knx for that matter. 
both xembed the window that's actually showing the remote desktop rather than 
painting it on a widget itself within its own process. this tends to make a 
-huge- difference.

what would really rock is if someone patched krdc to xembed a good vnc client 
and got rid of it's own implementation. either that or improved the painting 
code in kvncview/kremoteview (not sure which is the bottleneck, actually).

the former may require some small patches to the vnc client chosen, as it did 
when we sucked in rdp. we just added a new command line switch to rdp so we 
could pass in the x window id of the window to embed itself into. voila.

as a side note, i really wish distros would stop shipping their own tools like 
rfbdrake. they win nothing but more code to maintain and the community 
outside their little universe loses their input. =/

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