[clug-talk] GRUB

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Mon Mar 6 13:53:55 PST 2006

On Monday 06 March 2006 00:33, Ian Bruseker wrote:
> Also, here's a nice long list of grub errors, if it helps.
> http://www.linuxselfhelp.com/gnu/grub/html_chapter/grub_13.html
> Also, could you post the whole grub.conf?  Maybe it's something else.
> Once I messed up a grub config by making the second entry in the file
> start with "title Linux" instead of "title=Linux", which let grub fall
> through from the first entry to the second entry and do all sorts of
> funny things at me.  :-)
> Ian

Your idea with the tab completion makes sense.  Unfortunately, both of the 
drives in question have a single partition.  Er, that's not quite true - the 
new IDE drive has a 40GB NTFS partition (the target boot drive for Windows), 
and the remainder of the drive has not been partitioned/formatted.  So grub 
completes both of them as (hd1,0), and (hd2,0).

So, Now I'm trying the mapping trick.  Will let the list know how this goes.

Thanks for the help everyone!


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