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Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Sun Mar 5 22:14:52 PST 2006

lol.. just read the first paragraph again... my english skills seem to be 
degrading... either that or I'm more tired than I thought....  cuz I *DID* 
proof read.. :)


On Sunday 05 March 2006 22:47, Shawn wrote:
> I found a need to install another drive win2k on my desktop, and now I'm
> trying to get Grub configured for dual booting.  I've done this in the
> path, but something odd is happening now....
> The box has 3 physical drives in it.  It's booting off an IDE drive
> (/dev/hda1), which translates to (hd0,0).  I have a SATA drive that gets
> mounted and used for file storage only.  Now, I've added another IDE drive
> as a slave (on the primary IDE controller - same as the first ide drive).
> So, as I understand grub, my second IDE drive should be (hd1,0) (first
> partition is Windows).  So I set up grub like so:
> title = Windows 2000
> rootnoverify (hd1,0)
> makeactive
> chainloader +1
> And this didn't work - it displayed the grub contents on screen to me, and
> halts - with no errors indicated.
> So, I went into the grub shell and tried to use tab-completion to find what
> drives I have available:
> grub> root (hd
>  Possible disks are:  hd0 hd1 hd2
> Well, hd0 is my main hard drive, and hd1 and hd2 are the sata drive, and
> the new(er) slave IDE drive - but which is which?
> I tried to edit the rootnoverify line in the grub config to use hd2, and
> now get an Error 13 - something about a file not in executable format.  So,
> hd2 gives *some* response, but hd1 doesn't. (btw, I did try to use simply
> "root (hd2,0)" - but this resulted in another grub specific error).
> If it helps, Win2K was installed by disconnecting all the drives except the
> slave - and made that one a master for the period of time needed to
> install.
> Anyone have any tips?  Thanks.
> Shawn
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