[clug-talk] Need a GNU SQL CLI tool for Win32 with ODBC support.

Andrew J. Kopciuch akopciuch at bddf.ca
Wed Mar 1 14:55:50 PST 2006

On Wednesday 01 March 2006 14:45, Roy Souther wrote:
> Thanks for your input.
> This task should be done by a simple 2k - 20k binary program. If faced
> with the only option of installing 20M of support software to make this
> happen I would just install Cygwin and compile the isql that comes with
> unixODBC.

Well the installation is actually < 10MB ... and that's with absolutely 
_everything_ in PHP.  If you don't want all the modules, then strip them out.  
All you seem to need in the CLI executable, and the ODBC module.

If you think installing Cygwin, and compiling software is an easier route, 
then have it at.  I can't imagine that would be anywhere near as simple, or 
as supported like PHP would be.

Another option is Ruby
Another option is Perl
Another option is Python

(Provided the offer ODBC ... which I believe they do ... I have never checked 

The easiest way to do what you want is with an interpreted language like all 
of the above.  These languages were made for tasks like yours.  Why not make 
use of them?

I seriously doubt that any developer would waste their time writing a unique 
binary program that runs SQL through ODBC and that's it ... why would they 
when they have several other tools that accomplish those requirements ... and 
much more if they so desire.


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