[clug-talk] Nucleus & Linux

Mitchell Brown mbgb14 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 10:44:33 PST 2006

Shawn, I think he was referring to getting his INTERNET going - not
his email specifically.

The most configuration he would have to do is most likely

sudo ifdown eth0
sudo ifup eth0

On 12/13/06, Shawn <sgrover at open2space.com> wrote:
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> Mitchell Brown wrote:
> > Do you connect via a modem? Just plugs right into your network card with
> > a cat5 cable?
> > I would be willing to bet you that it will work 100% out of the box
> > without any kind of configuration whatsoever!
> There is a difference between Internet connectivity and application
> connectivity.  You WILL need to do some configuration - of the
> application at a minimum.  But this is the usual types of tasks.
> First and foremost, establish a network connection.  Make sure you can
> pull up websites, ping by name and IP, etc.
> Once you have that done, pick your mail client (kmail, thunderbird,
> mutt, etc.).  Once you have that installed (and/or have it installed by
> default), then you configure it.  Usually under Settings -> Configure,
> or Edit -> Preferences or Accounts.  You need to specify the incoming
> and outgoing mail servers, as well as any user authentication
> information.  Once done, email should be working fine.
> Nucleus is "just another provider".  So, if you treat them like any
> other network connection everything should go well for you.
> HTH.
> Shawn
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