[clug-talk] upload key

Michael Walters waltersm at telusplanet.net
Wed Aug 2 13:46:26 PDT 2006

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 August 2006 9:25, Mitchell Brown wrote:
>> Not sure how to to it commandline though.
> gpg --send-key <keyid>
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Thanks Aaron,

I did gpg --send-key <My Key ID> twice and it seemed to work twice, but
I could not extract my own public key from a key server.

However, I presumably have successfully uploaded my key to a key server,
so I will show up at the meeting tonight with my public key, which I
successfully printed out.

I would not have been able to generate a pgp public key if OpenSuse 10.1
had not been installed as part of a multiple boot on my system, thanks
to Stephen Keeling, a member of CUUG.

See you at the meeting tonight.

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