[clug-talk] Ubuntu IPv6 breaks services with missing lo

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Wed Apr 26 15:31:52 PDT 2006

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What version of Ubuntu are you running?  Both of my Breezy installs have
lo device as by default, out of the box.

Try ifup lo as root.

Roy Souther wrote:
> I tried to get a program to run in Ubuntu and found the reason it would
> not run is because Ubuntu networking is configured with IPv6 and the
> local loop-back lo device that should be at is not. The eth0
> device gets an IP from the DHCP server and I can browse google but I
> cannot ping I had the same problem with Suse a few months
> back before I grenaded  that POS and installed Debian again. I did not
> realize it at the time but it to must have been the fact that so many
> program try to open lo sockets to the local system using lo but I guess
> now the major distributions are going away from that in favour of IPv6
> that does not even have any practical use at this time.
> What is the proper way to get around this problem in Ubuntu?
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