[clug-talk] LinuxFest CDs - Status Fri 21

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Fri Apr 21 12:01:36 PDT 2006

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What about CLUG branded DSL (Damn Small Linux) business cards?  Who
locally can do this (I can cover the cost)?

Tek Budda wrote:
> simon wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I've agreed to take on the job of getting a bunch of CD together to hand
>> out at the LinuxFest.
>> If you would like to pledge materials, or to burn some disks please
>> email me (on or off list). Ideal it would be best to have this delivered
>> to me (or to exec) before the 'show'.
>> Note: When burn CD please use a slowish speed to ensure most accurate
>> transfer and MD5SUM the image after burning - if we get a CD into
>> someones machine we want to ensure that is works.... :-)
>> If labelling by hand please use your best handwriting, include distro
>> name, version, platform and disk number.
>> Yours,
>> Simon Wood.
>> W: (403) 295-4562
>> ---
>> Pledge list (so far):
>> Shawn - 80 x86 official Ubuntu disksets
>> Shawn - 20 x86-64 official Ubuntu disksets
>> Shawn - some (??) blank media
>> Dave - 100 Paper Sleves for CD
>> Simon - 20 PPC home burn Ubuntu disksets
>> Simon - 100 CLUG stickers for sleves
> Have we standardized on a particular distro or are we looking at 
> showcasing multiple distros?  I wouldn't want us to show to much 
> preference for one over others.  As a suggestion, could we have a 
> library available and if anyone wanted a set of disks burnt we could 
> offer them to them?
> It would kind of go like this:
> Person walks up...we chat with them....we offer them an official Ubuntu 
> disk...they say...hmm I was looking for something a little more 
> enterpise friendly or not debian based...
> Well sir/madam...we have a library here some other distros that we can 
> burn for you...example CentOS...RHEL with the red hat references 
> removed....you can through that on your server and it is like using 
> RHEL...wow....tahst awsome mr linux booth guy....when can i pick 
> itup....well... give us about an hour and we can make the disks for you.
> I think you get the idea....we could ask for a "suggested"donation of 
> aloonie a disk...and they wanted to it shipped out.. maybe a couple 
> bucks for postage.....
> Or...another suggestion...have we looked at asking Novell, or Red Hat or 
> one of the other major distros for disks to give out?
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